Geobabel is a complete toolbox for citizen engagement in decision making.

Brings together local authorities, citizens, planners or researchers on the same table to discuss and give feedback to each other, resulting in more participatory decision making and substantive public participation.


Geobabel combines simply and effective the crowdsourcing methods with the map. Implements questionnaire research, opinion sharing and brainstorming on geographical data.

Using the Geobabel toolbox you can conduct

Questionnaire research. Conducting questionnaire research can take into account the spatial aspect of questions. The questioner can use the questionnaire creator and the results viewer to publish and analyse the results. The questionnaires may include spatial questions that require the user to draw or point on the map eg where is the origin and destination to work (urban mobility analysis) or which is a nice walking/cultural route or where the new school should be built.
Crowdvoting is feasible as ideas about places can be rated through questionnaire. Users can rate places or order them by preference. Can be used to quickly assess places for allocation problems.

Opinion Seeking is a process where people can comment on places seeking ideas and solutions. They are brainstorming about places and express their point of view. With Geobabel they can decide having in mind data already presented on the map and the discussion going on every place of the map. Can be used to deeply assess places for allocation problems.


Data collection can be achieved as users are summoned to draw on the map places (points, lines or polygons) considering a subject and talk about it. Geobabel can be a great repository for empirical data.