Database Developmnet
Using the best strategies we design, administer and deploy spatially enabled databases as backbone for mapping products and routing needs.
We use the creative power of the newest internet technologies to develop innovative geo-enabled applications. It is common in many
Cartography is the art of making maps. Combining science, aesthetics, and technique, real world can be modeled in ways that communicate
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can help visualize, query, analyze, and interpret data in order to understand relationships and reveal patterns. GIS benefits

Open Software

We believe in open software. For most users today is absolutely critical that they can extend or adjust based on their requirements. Being Open Source gives a huge advantage in this area.The more open and usable a product is, the more attractive and viable of an ecosystem we have. Another advantage Open Source brings to the table is quality. Exposing a product gives a rigorous and brutal test track, which would be impossible to replicate in a lab or test environment. The result is a product which outperforms most proprietary software and delivers more value to customers.

Openness, interoperability  and flexibility are the result and are therefore at the core of our business.